Advanced EFT: Clearing Complex Issues with Ease

EFT Level 3: The Suspending Beliefs Technique™

The Nature of Complex Issues


Complex Issues did not come about overnight, they have taken years to develop and have been nurtured and consistently reinforced over those years. This has ensured that there are many aspects to them and many layers to the aspects as well – all which feed and support each other, making the issue a solid institution of a problem​.

Complex Issues are like Old Oak Trees

When using EFT to clear complex issues like cancer, addictions, depression, lifelong weight struggles, money worries, relationship difficulties, other chronic illness, etc.; because the real root of the problem is so well protected by the impenetrable belief systems in place, which make it very difficult to get to, it becomes an arduous task to clear these issues.  These belief systems all work together as a whole to support the status quo. So when you are lucky to have identified an important aspect which would have a major impact on reducing the issue and you approach it directly by tapping on that aspect thus inadvertently threatening the status quo, the protective systems are then automatically activated, resulting in you getting minimal or poor results.

It is therefore important to be aware that to get positive results with EFT, in clearing complex issues, you FIRSTLY have to overcome the issue’s inertia – the resistance the issue has to any change in its status quo. It takes real skill and endurance to overcome the inertia presented by complex issues but what would be even more impressive, would be the ability to bypass the inertia completely – where the issue’s protective systems never even become activated because it cannot sense the threat to its status quo. This is where the Suspending Beliefs Technique comes in.

The Benefit of Bypassing the Inertia

When we look at how simple issues become complex ones, we see that it is all about the natural evolution of a basic ‘limiting’ premise or belief which has been allowed, unhindered, to grow. This causes it to draw more of its kind to itself, thus reinforcing itself into becoming bigger, stronger and thereby becoming more solid/tangible/physical/real than it was before. It is the degree of this automatic assumption and unquestionable belief of its existence, of its ‘realness’ that determines the level of its inertia. The reason it is easy to clear a simple issue (uprooting a sapling) in comparison to a complex one (uprooting an old oak tree), is because of the slightness or lack of development of its belief in itself, thus its insignificant level of inertia.

Directly approaching a complex issue’s inertia with EFT, where you initially focus on addressing the reason the issue exists in the first place (usually as an alarm system originally set by the individual to override themselves, to protect them from something about themselves that is totally unacceptable to them) and getting the system to soften its resistance and be open to allow change to take place, works very well albeit it can be time consuming. For it to work however, you need to be highly skilled at excavating the very deep seated ‘core’ issues and be able to recognise and deal with the way the issue will mislead you in its attempt to protect itself. In comparison, using a bypassing approach requires no excavating skills, is not time consuming, as it does not have to work against anything and you don’t have to be vigilant, as nothing is hidden from your awareness.

The Suspending Beliefs Technique™

How it works:

To understand how the Suspending Beliefs Technique works, we need to look at how we create our personal reality. From the perspective that we are the creators of our reality, we cannot deny that we are ultimately totally responsible for the reality that we are personally experiencing, which then allow us to take ownership of our creation.

When we take complete ownership of our creation, we are automatically catapulted into a position of power. From this position we ‘know’ that our beliefs form our reality, shaping our life and all its conditions – including our complex issues. It is important to note that these are beliefs which we have consented to as our truth and they are only our belief/truth because of that consent; as such we can change them by withdrawing our consent from them and giving it to new beliefs, that are aligned with the physical effect we now want. Because what we believe to be true in our experience is true, when our new beliefs are completely impressed upon our subconscious mind, they will begin to show themselves in our experience.

The process of manually updating each belief in our complex issue is a laborious task. However, if we could temporarily suspend the complete set of beliefs of our complex issue we could immediately halt its power to materialise in our reality. If we could simultaneously impress our subconscious mind with a complete set of new beliefs, of the physical effect we want in the place of our complex issue; then we would be utilising our true power as creators of our personal reality to consciously create the reality we want – one where the complex issue in its entirety does not exist.

This is essentially how the Suspending Beliefs Technique™  works.

Implementing the Technique:


PART 1 – Suspending the complete set of current beliefs

PART 2 – Impressing the complete set of new beliefs

PART 1      

Goal: Instruct the Subconscious Mind to suspend the current beliefs around the complex issue

How: Tap the points whilst stating along the lines… “Subconscious mind, my faithful servant, I want to thank you for expressing my beliefs regarding ‘the complex issue area’ so perfectly. However I have a new instruction for you regarding ‘the complex issue area’. For a certain amount of time I will momentarily suspend what I believe in this area and consciously accept the belief I want. For that time desire and belief will be one. There will be no conflict as I do this willingly. For this period I will completely alter my old beliefs. Even though I’m sitting here physically tapping on myself, in my mind I will act as if the belief I want were mine completely…”

Next: Muscle test to check that the instruction has been fully accepted by the subconscious                                                                        


Goal: Impress the Subconscious Mind with the new belief you want – the ideal situation

How: Tap the points whilst describing the ideal situation you want. See it vividly in your imagination and feel the feelings (as intensely as you can) that you would feel if it was real right now. At this point do not think of the future, but only of the present – the present moment is your only point of power. Immerse yourself into the end result of you having, being or doing what you want, exactly as you want. Allow yourself to let go completely into the reality of your ideal situation. Step into that you who is living that experience, merge fully with that you. Realise that you are exerting your own initiative to imagine this situation and you a free to do this. Feel yourself going higher and higher, more and more joyful as you allow yourself to believe that this ideal is your new reality. Play with this and have a sense of joyful abandon as you fully immerse yourself in your pretend reality; stay with it until you feel more positively.

Next: No more than 10 minutes of this exercise required at a time – if you do this faithfully for a month, you should start to see some noticeable changes. Forget the exercise when it is completed, your neurological structure will respond automatically.


You will find yourself with impulses that arrive in line with these newly inserted beliefs – it may be even be insights as to what the true core of your complex issue is; it is then up to you to act on them.