EFT International’s Levels 1 & 2 Combined EFT Training (4-Day)

Are you looking for professional EFT training?

You May Attend Level 1 or 2 only (2 days) or Combined Levels 1 & 2 (4 days)

Were You Initially Inspired To Become A Mental Health Professional But Now  Sometimes Wonder If You Could Be Helping In A More Effective Way? Or Are You Motivated To Learn Tapping Just For Yourself And Your Family?

    • Have you been hearing about the magic of EFT?  Perhaps you have been experimenting with Tapping on your own issues or with your clients and you’ve decided to train properly?
    • Do you learn best by “doing” and love the thought of learning in a small, supportive group of like-minded people?
    • Would you like the world’s largest and oldest EFT training organization behind you?
This foundational EFT training is for beginner Tappers, Health and Wellness Practitioners as well as those who want to use EFT in a Professional Mental Health setting or Clinical Practice.

Four days of small-group, hands on, experiential learning closely attended by an Accredited, Experienced, Professional and Compassionate Master Trainer.

This 24-hour training builds your confidence with EFT. Know how it works, why it’s effective, how to hold yourself and clients safe while administering EFT. Learn what to do if you get stuck with a complex issue. We will also address what to say to skeptics when sharing EFT. Kay will teach you gentle techniques for getting to the bottom of things without having to dive into the deep end of emotions. Each EFT technique is explained; demonstrated and practiced before moving on to new material.
With focused effort and this live training following EFT International’s extensive syllabus, Kay guides you from “wishy washy EFT” towards becoming truly confident and competent. Designed both for beginners and those who already have experience with EFT; a live training  course overseen by a skilled and compassionate teacher is the optimum way to ensure you know best how to hold friends, family & clients safe. EFT is a proven-effective and well researched somatic (body level) therapy for neutralizing challenging feelings, life events and beliefs about oneself and about the way the world operates.  
This course is experiential and wide ranging. Be prepared to safely heal your own emotional history as you learn. Learn how important it is to first release the sting of events in your own emotional history before you move on to working with others. Be guided through learning direct and indirect techniques to safely use Tapping with others.  Move forward in life with greater ease and effectiveness by shifting your energetic vibration first. Be guided on how best to assist others as a mental health professional whether you are in private practice or working for an established association. Be coached on how to deal with sceptics in your organisation. Learn how best to assist close family and friends. Watch how over time, as EFT is administered, self compassion increases and you become more deeply connected with your authentic Self. Experience first-hand how life’s issues calm as you Tap with your Energy System. Feel from the inside how EFT expertly and thoroughly administered, brings executive functioning skills back online allowing recognition of choices, options and life strategies that were previously not in conscious awareness.
This course focuses on using EFT to dissolve negative emotions, behaviour patterns and belief systems. You will learn about The Discovery Statement and why it is vital to your success with Tapping. EFT, properly administered calms the nervous system by processing neural shock which then allows brighter perspectives and cognitive shifts leading to life transformation. Kay explains how our bodies process this shock and shares new research in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Learn and practice both the Basic Recipe and the Shortcut versions of EFT. You will be guided through both Direct and Indirect EFT techniques. You will learn the Tearless Trauma Technique as well as how to gently get to the bottom of things. Learn how to work with emerging aspects which hold uncomfortable emotions in place and why knowing how to release these aspects is critical to becoming a skilled Tapper & Practitioner. You will be closely supervised in a small group learning and practicing in pairs before you move on to new material.
You will learn how to work with fear, resistance and even the disbelief at the speed & effectiveness of EFT. Feel how shifting perspectives about an unfortunate event or a limiting belief creates future positive change. Kay will share why positive affirmations are not enough and why EFT needs to be administered first before affirmations. This course is an intensive experiential program so be prepared to participate fully throughout the weekend clearing up some of your emotional past so that you can feel how EFT works from the inside.
This Training is designed for lay people as well as social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors, child and youth workers, family and marriage counsellors, addiction counsellors, front-line staff, crisis workers, EMS personnel, physicans and nurses as well as naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, Reiki practitioners and educational assistants. If you are already working in the mental health, wellness or educational professions, attend the full 4 days of training to begin to add EFT to become professionally accredited with EFT International. For those wishing to pursue accredited practitioner status after this 4-day foundational training you will develop competency while working through the EFTi curriculum and once completed you may choose to receive ongoing support, learning and networking via Kay’s structured support programme – ACCREDITED TO THRYVE
Once learned, EFT is always at your fingertips. Experienced and beginner Tappers are welcome. Please call if you have questions or need accessibility assistance. 

EFT International Level 2 EFT Practitioner Training Course (2-Day)


Level 2 is the next step towards excellence after attending the Level 1 course. It is a 2-day training which goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into the beginnings of artistry. You will develop your confidence, intuition and creativity with these techniques. I aim to support you in striving for excellence, through developing your basic skills to a high standard.

Had enough of large training groups and ready for a small, supportive group of like-minded people?

Would you like the world’s largest and oldest EFT training organization behind you as you work towards Accreditation?

With this live training of no more than a few students, and following EFT International’s extensive standardized syllabus, Accredited EFT Trainer Kay Gire-Jones guides you towards becoming confident and competent with EFT. The course is designed for those who already have some experience with Tapping. There is nothing like a live training to be truly sure you know you can hold friends, family & clients safe while tapping with them.


If you would like to improve established EFT skills, pursue practitioner status or simply want to be a highly skilled Tapper, attend the full training. (Practitioner Accreditation involves continued supervision, self practice and mentoring. Click here for info on accreditation.


If you are a nurse, crisis worker, psychotherapist, social worker, teacher, counsellor or child and youth worker intrigued by what you are hearing about the efficacy of EFT and want to offer this well researched, evidence based technique to your clients and patients then perhaps this training option is for you. Learn how to present EFT to your agency, manager or supervisor and deal with any skepticism. Add EFT into your own self-care routine so that career burnout doesn’t happen to you.


EFT is a well researched tool for changing feelings about yourself, life events and the world. It brightens limiting perspectives. In this training you will learn how to release yourself from the sting of events in your emotional history that you know are affecting your present. Be sure your EFT knowledge is complete. Learn how EFT works to calm the nervous system and the science behind it. This is a hands-on experiential training. Be prepared to experience EFT from the inside.