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Freedom from Emotional, Psychological and Physical pain, often in Minutes

1-1 Intuitive EFT Sessions with Kay
I have worked with hundreds of people around the world for over a decade; I’ve learn’t a lot during this time, and have built my client practice on what works.

A Limited Number of Clients

I only ever work with a maximum of fifteen clients at any time to make sure that I can give you my absolute attention and focus; at certain times of year, due to retreat, training, travelling and other commitments I see no clients.

Six Sessions over Ten Weeks

For continuity, consistency and to make sure that you get the support you need, sessions for new clients are available in blocks of 6-sessions spread over 10 weeks. This way of working has proved again and again (and again) to set you up for a win; in any journey there are ups and downs, and this is also true when you start changing your outdated, untrue and limiting beliefs about yourself.


More importantly – it is often between sessions that critically important information gets revealed that, if missed or ignored, usually leads to things sliding back to the way they were.
(Previous and existing clients can book ad-hoc sessions when available).

Zoom, Phone or In-Person

Most of my client sessions are conducted via Zoom video conference or the phone; you can also come to my practice in Lancashire – or wherever I’m travelling – if you prefer.

Homework Tailored to You

What happens between your sessions is at least as important (if not more) than the sessions themselves.
I will suggest specific change work exercises and routines for you, customised after every session and as you grow.

Power Check-Ins

I check in with some of my clients a couple of times a week via text or email to celebrate their wins, and encourage them when they need it. Clients tell me that this level of support is invaluable to them.
(Note: this is not ‘therapy via email’; they are short, succinct power check-ins.)

Not all my clients always get everything they want in 6 sessions (sometimes it takes a bit longer to undo a lifetime of programming), but most do.
  • The skill-set and experience of someone who has trained with many teachers in many techniques and have worked with hundreds of people.
  • The compassion and kindness of someone who is utterly familiar with very painful places.
  • The directness of someone who has grown exponentially herself, therefore knows that you can too and always believes in you absolutely.
  • A non-judgemental environment where you can be completely and totally safe without the fear of being judged, allowing for very deep healing and transformation to occur.
  • Sessions that begin on time (every time) and you can absolutely expect to get homework between sessions, because that’s where the real change happens.

What Clients Are Saying.

Kay was appointed to me via a veteran’s charity called Skiing with Veterans. I am not good at talking to people about my feelings and what is going on in my head and they thought that Emotional Freedom Techniques would be of benefit. I have tried several types of therapy all of which haven’t worked. I had a difficult childhood and spent 15years in the Army, resulting in more problems than I had realised! Kay was welcoming, extremely patient with me and although she knew I was a bit different from the rest, she understood and took her time with me. The hardest part was getting out of the house and getting to Kay's. Don’t get me wrong, there were times I wanted to run from that chair but again she was so patient with me and we worked through things together. She was completely in tune with my emotions, how I was feeling and never pushed me making the therapy much easier. Looking back, the weirdest thing was, I never actually spoke about my troubles, she just somehow dealt with them! I would recommend Kay to anyone who finds it hard to talk about things. We worked on PTSD, injury, anger management, grieving, my work, my marriage and my childhood. Her knowledge is endless. Since seeing Kay, I am a new person, she saved me, my marriage and re-built my confidence. I don’t have angry outbursts anymore wanting to hurt myself or others. I am a happier person and I can deal with situations more rationally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sarah J, Veteran

I really don't have the words to say how amazing my experience with Kay was. I feel truly blessed to know her and have experienced some amazing sessions with her. I was in a dark place and couldn't see the light. Her energy and positivity left me feeling amazing after each session. Her special insight also gave me hope for the future and very shortly after our sessions, I thrived at work, found a partner and got married, had a baby and lost a significant amount of weight! If you are hesitating in seeing Kay, then don't! I promise you wont regret it. Thank you Kay for being you.

Sumaiyaa K, Preston

I left the Military over a decade ago and now work within the Emergency Services.  I contacted Kay after being referred by a fellow Veteran who I could see was benefiting from her services and to be honest, I had reached rock bottom when I contacted Kay and felt like a shadow of my former self. I was aware of some of my ‘issues’, but didn’t truly understand which part of the issue was the actual problem or how they were affecting me.  Through my sessions with Kay, we targeted all of my issues and identified others that I was not actively aware of.  The way in which Kay operated did not feel overwhelming or rushed.  We broke everything down and weirdly after each session, I felt relieved and almost couldn’t recall what we’d actually spoken about.  I felt like a weight was lifted after every session and saw various trigger incidents from a different angle, which immediately changed how I reacted to them. After just a few sessions, my friends, family and work colleagues commented on how my mood had improved.  I feel like my life experiences and emotions have been untangled and now that I fully understand them, I am able to control and embrace them.  For the first time in a long time, smiling feels very natural and that is an amazing feeling!

Natalie W, Police Officer

Kay, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me during our two-day VIP event. Wow, a lot came out and was cleared. It is probably the best investment I have ever made!

Richard F, Isle of Man

I've worked with Kay for a few years now. I had sessions with her when I felt so bad I really thought I would never be able to resolve the issues. However, after an hour with Kay any anxiety, negativity and stress I was feeling had totally dispersed and I would see everything so much clearer and it enabled me to deal with similar situations afterwards. Kay has been my saviour, through many tough situations throughout the years! Thank you!

Veronica B, London

Working with Kay has been transformational! She helped me work though the obstacles (big and small) that were getting in the way of achieving my goals. I was able to find clarity on both my audience and my offering. The process of setting aside dedicated time on my business and focusing on my goals was invaluable and Kay's motivation and guidance brought significant impact to the process.

Gillian K, Preston

l'Ve known Kay for about 5 years and can honestly say that our sessions are amazing! She is brilliant at putting things into perspective and then working with me to overcome the problem. One of the best things about Kay's approach is that unlike counselling which can take weeks, remarkable results can be achieved in one session. l've seen Kay for many different issues and have always come away from a meeting feeling on top of the world, with the initial problem seeming very small and unimportant.

Jonathan S, Accrington

There are no words that can do justice to the way I feel about Kay and the work that we have done together. I have gained a renewed sense of being: stillness, confidence, empowerment and self assurance...these are the gifts that have been given, and they shine from the inside out. Kay has helped me find direction, clarity, vision, and the ability to really dig deep and ask myself the hard questions, to not be afraid of the answers, but to welcome them for the lessons that will be learned. Looking back over our time together, I cannot imagine walking this life altering path with anyone else. Kay is genuine, warm and honest and she gave me an instant sense of comfort and being at ease. I feel incredibly grateful and so blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity.

Annie R, United Arab Emirates

I found Kay serendipitously online and immediately knew she was my kind of person! I was at a place where I wanted to pause all the to-do's and busy-ness and take a deeper dive into the 'why' behind my life. I knew if I got clear on that so much would align. And I was not disappointed. Working with Kay was like unearthing my soul. We worked through many layers to excavate the spirit that I am and choose to share freely in my relationships. Kay is very knowledgeable and intuitive, with a fascinating set of tools to help you excavate. But perhaps her greatest gift is her ability to be present and hold the space for you to see yourself once again. I highly recommend her work to anyone ready for the deeper soulful journey.

Alicia R, Somerset

Our meetings how proved to be invaluable and I believe you have helped me to become the happy, confident new me l am today! My family and friends can't get over how different I am; physically as well as emotionally. I have reached my target dress size as discussed initially, and am now determined to even go down another size by my 40th birthday. As for my other goals: I have met someone whom I absolutely adore and am convinced he is my soul mate! My career is great; and my social life too!! So many, many thanks to you Kay, it was definitely fate that introduced me to you!

Angela H, Ramsbottom

Kay is extraordinarily gifted! She saw my true desires on a deeper level. Her intuitive insights generated so many rich awakenings that inspired me to make significant changes in my life. I went from being on auto-pilot with many of my goals and dreams to knowing what I truly wanted and taking actions that supported me to thrive in new ways. I've let go of the fast paced demands that were stressful and now flow with more peace, love, creativity and joy every day. I feel SO fortunate to have been met so authentically, courageously and lovingly by Kay.

Mirka F, Isle of Man

Working with Kay has been a powerful experience. She has helped me to become more grounded and clear about who I am and what I know. I’ve taken specific action as both a leader and an entrepreneur. My business is flourishing and growing as a result. I appreciate her ‘no judgement’ approach and her ability to ask powerful questions that get right to the core of what matters. She gets to the root of issues by getting curious and just when you expect she is going to say one thing – she throws out a curve ball. She holds me accountable and each time we speak, it’s as if we’ve never skipped a beat from one session to the next. She is authentic, caring and honest. Kay has helped me to grow as a business owner and leader, and in my personal life she has helped me to communicate authentically.

Jeanette D, Accrington

I am an entrepreneur who runs my own music business. Before I met Kay I was a lost, soulless person with low self esteem. I was living with my mum in my late 20’s making a small living; no business, no boyfriend, no family of my own. I had dreams but was clueless how to make them happen until I met Kay. Kay awoke my dreams and gave me a new life. I CANNOT praise this woman enough! Because of Kay I found my self-esteem. I now own my own home and have a successful business and most importantly, I am living my dream. We all have the potential to live our dreams...some of us just need that someone to help us get there. Kay Gire-Jones helped me get there, she has been my Fairy Godmother.

Faye B, Blackburn

Kay is a great friend to your desires as a woman solopreneur. She expands the meaning of the word ‘coach’ just by being who she is. She has a deep awareness of what sacred work is; the layering of personal transformation and business strategy. She approaches each client’s vision for her life and business with the tenderness and accountability she'd bring to her own. You work with Kay when you’re ready to dive deep, yet stay centred. When you can accept compassion and are open to experiencing it from yourself. When you are done with fragmenting your life, your work, your desires, and you’re ready to experience wholeness. You work with Kay when you’re ready to climb to the top of your next vista. She’ll meet you there.

Melanie K, Portugal

Kay is exactly what you need when you reach a level of momentum in your business, at this stage decisions matter. What to offer next, how to respond to an opportunity, how to deal with a challenge. These decisions can radically alter the course of your business. It makes all the difference to have someone by your side, asking the big questions and expertly guiding you to your next level. Kay is that person. She’s a rare gem: a skilful certified coach with in-the-trenches-business-building experience. She shines a light brightly on you and your situation, comes packed-full of intuition and compassion, and fearlessly calls you to stretch into new territory. And she walks her talk. Kay is one of the most authentic mentors/coaches I’ve ever come across. It’s both calming and energising to be in her presence. When I reach a cross-road, when I feel myself holding back from taking the next leap, without a doubt, I know Kay is the person to call.

Pauline M, Manchester
How I work
Your Limitations
  • We all have self-imposed limitations and unresolved ‘stuff’; that’s not the question. Your self-acceptance and self-belief is what propels you forward in life; your lack of it, is what holds you back.
Move with Confidence
  • When you move with confidence and self-kindness, everything is different; you may still experience disappointments or so-called ‘failure’, but it won’t matter as much. You may still experience hurt and heartache from time to time but it won’t go so deep or last so long. You’ll be more resilient and get up quicker when you fall down, and move more purposefully through life
  • Until you love, accept and believe in yourself it will be practically impossible to experience a ‘good’ life; even when things go well you’ll experience stress and worry that you’ll lose it all or be rejected when people find out who you ‘really’ are. And yet, there are ways in which you can exponentially increase your belief in yourself, bringing with it a much more fulfilling life experience and typically, more success
Freeing Yourself
  • It is when you finally decide that you have had enough of believing the painful and limiting stories about yourself, and you have the courage to take responsibility to change your life – by changing the way you feel about yourself – that you become more peaceful, prosperous, happy, or [fill in the blank].
Beliefs Can be Changed
  • Just because people believed that the earth was flat, did not make it so; yet, they lived their lives according to their belief; they limited their travel for fear of “falling off the edge of the earth”. This is not about “becoming a better person” or “improving yourself”; it is, like Michelangelo said, about transforming whatever is getting in the way of you believing in yourself more. You are already, now, whole and complete; it’s simply your lack of belief that this is so, that gets in the way!
Committing to Change
  • If you know how, you can change this. (The question is not if you can change; you already know deep down that you can, or you won’t be reading this).These changes do not always happen overnight and never happen without commitment. If you are looking for a quick fix, a guru or someone to do it for you, I cannot help you. If however, you are willing to do whatever it takes, then I probably can – read on.
  • Self-belief is not logical; you can have the highest qualifications from the most prestigious establishments, great success, enormous wealth, or the most beautiful family – and still doubt yourself.
  • Self-belief is not finite; you can have absolute belief in yourself to be a great partner, or parent, or manager, and have little faith in your abilities elsewhere.
  • Further scientific news is that it is physiologically impossible to just ‘get over’ self-doubt because these are embedded in your limbic brain; you cannot talk your way out of it.
  • Unresolved trauma (big and small); this affects your limbic brain.
  • Limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve”.
  • A lack of loved ones, teachers or mentors that believe in you absolutely – until you can.

1-1 Intuitive EFT - How it All Works.

Clients Booking Procedure

How it works
New Clients
  • Book a minimum of 6 sessions over a period of 10 weeks. Sessions not completed within this time will be forfeited, with no refunds. Contact me to enquire about availability.
Existing Clients
  • Existing or previous clients, contact me to enquire about availability for smaller blocks or one-off sessions.
  • Sessions are 55 – 60 minutes and happen over ZOOM video conference or in person at my practice in Lancashire (or wherever I travel). Unless you request otherwise, ZOOM sessions are NOT automatically recorded. In the event you choose to have your session recorded; recordings are available to you at no cost.

Terms of our work together

Being on Time
  • Sessions are 55 – 60 minutes for a reason – to make them as effective and impact-full as possible. If you are late for your session, it will be shorter, and you won’t get the most out of it.
Cancellation Policy
  • Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be forfeited. In all other instances I will work with you to find another slot.

Your Investment

The Packages



6 x £89 = £534

However, if you pay for 5 sessions upfront (total cost £445) you get the 6th free.


I do multi-hour breakthrough sessions at my practice in Lancashire. These sessions are geared toward getting the greatest amount of improvement on an issue in the shortest amount of time.

Please note these sessions can be intense. They are particularly suitable for people who are traveling a great distance to attend and also for those who have a time deadline.

Please contact me about tailoring a package specifically to you.


This service is only available to existing or previous clients. (However, in the rare cases a client may only require a single session, this service can be open to new clients).


Session Fee per Hour – £120

Contact me to enquire about availability for smaller blocks or one-off sessions.

Payment Options


Advance payment via bank transfer:

Bank: Co-operative Bank (Co-op)

Type of Account: Savings

Account Name: K. Gire -Jones.

Sort code: 08-91-04

Account Number: 08277356

Advance payment via Paypal:
Cash payments accepted for in person sessions at my practice in Lancashire. Payment to be made prior to session start.

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