Journey to Accreditation

Becoming an Accredited EFT International Practitioner with EFT International Master Trainer; Kay Gire-Jones

Is This You?

>> You feel inspired to share EFT with others in a professional practice.

>> You’ve completed Levels 1 & 2 Training with Kay or another EFT International Trainer.

>> You have been tapping on your own issues completing 20-25 sessions for your Personal Peace Procedure.

>> You have almost completed 50 volunteer sessions and written your first two case histories.

>> You understand the value of mentoring and supervision to turn challenging clients and cases into personal and professional learning opportunities for your private practice or agency.

>> In your mind, it’s paramount that you invest to ensure your future clients are held safe.

>> You aren’t the type of person who skips steps to proficiency.

>> Your professional status is important enough to join an association that meets National Educational Standards.

>> You understand the Art of Delivery with EFT is paramount to a successful practice and takes time to develop.

>> You are excited about working towards competency criteria to ensure your proficiency as an EFT practitioner.

>> You are ready to make the investment of your time to move forward with finishing your EFT training.

What are the Benefits of Accreditation?

1. A hallmark of a commitment to professional excellence.

2. A declaration and demonstration of high quality standards of training and practice.

3. Demonstrates a commitment to continuous professional development and adherence to codes of conduct.

4. Accredited courses are more likely to produce practitioners of a high calibre.

5. Accredited courses are more likely to be recognised by employers.

6. A provider of accredited courses is more likely to be in business for the long term, to provide students and practitioners with ongoing support.

7. In the event of government regulation, qualifications gained by completing an accredited course are more likely to be recognised.

8. Receive a Certificate of Accreditation to recognise your achievement which is reviewed every three years by EFT International’s Accreditation Panel.

9. Accredited in Malta (by the National Council for Further & Higher Education).

10.Recognized in Europe & the U.K. by the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Why Become Certified and Accredited in EFT?

1. Certification is the procedure by which a experienced trainer gives written assurance that a student has been trained to specified requirements.

2. Accreditation is a formal recognition by an Association (who has authority in its field of training) that confirms specific quality standards have been met and there is an adherence to regulations and policies.

Detailed Steps To EFT Accreditation 

1. Complete EFT International Training both Levels 1 & 2. You should have received an attendance certificate at the end of your training.

2. Review the example of a well written case history, EFT International’s Case Study Guidance Manual and Kay’s EFT Case Study Guidelines Document creating detailed notes as per example.

3. Practice your Personal Peace Procedure for at least 6 months and clear up the majority of the pain of your past even if you have received psychotherapy in the past.

4. Choose at least 20 volunteers for case history sessions.

5. Deliver 50 EFT sessions to these volunteers.

6. Choose two of these volunteers creating detailed notes of at least 4 sessions.

7. Write up the first two case histories.

8. Register for  the ACCREDITED TO THRYVE programme for EFT students with Kay and email her your first two case histories for review.

9. Review first two case histories with Kay.

10. Ensure that you have blocked off all 4 webinar sessions in your day-timer.

11. Set up and confirm sessions for your last 2 volunteers during the 8 weeks of your webinar series.

12. Be sure you have followed instructions for being able to join the webinar series on ZOOM and that your system works as per instructions you received when registering.

13. Confirm that you have joined and have been accepted into the private Facebook group for your ACCREDITED TO THRYVE programme.

14. Enjoy the Webinars and Private Facebook Group.

15. Book two private sessions via video conference or in person with Kay.

16. Attend all four webinars live.

17. Write your online exam with EFT International and update your membership status once passed.

18. Be sure to buy malpractice insurance and agree to both EFT International’s Codes of Conduct and Ethics and the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements.

19. Receive your practitioner certificate and logo from EFT International.

20. Add your EFT International logo to your website and printed materials.

21. Set up your practitioner profile on EFT International’s website and become familiar with their website.


Here’s How It Works:

Accredited to Thryve offers you a structured system to support you in becoming accredited within 8 weeks. It involves attending four live 90 minute webinars with Kay & up to three other students on Zoom Video Conferencing. (don’t worry I’ll walk you through the video techy stuff).

The programme is designed to create focus and success in becoming Accredited

While completing your Personal Peace Procedure you will:

1. Continue practicing with at least 20 different individuals doing 50 sessions that are each at least 45 minutes long.

2. Choose 3 people as case histories (one a videotaped session).

3. Write your Personal Peace Procedure as a case history from detailed notes on your personal sessions with other students.

4. Attend four 90 minute live webinars with up to 3 other EFT students working towards accreditation.

5. Borrow Benefits with this group throughout the entire eight week process.

6. Build relationships within this group and support one another into the future.

7. Receive recordings of each confidential webinar video conference.

8. Receive two, private, one-on-one hour long personal sessions with Kay.

9. Be mentored and supervised throughout (no extra fee).

10. Content ensuring success as an EFT Practitioner.

11. Focused support via email and a private Facebook Group throughout the 8 week series.

12. Best basic business practices to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

13. Learn the importance of Ethics and developing your Scope of Practice.

14. Business growth suggestions, collaboration and support.

15. Preparation to write EFT International’s online exam and receive additional exam-writing assistance if needed.


Your Investment is £329. Early Bird Fee £279.

**Early bird offers expire one month prior to the 8 week programme start date**



• Tuesday 25th February 2020 – Tuesday 21st April 2020

• Tuesday 19th May 2020 – Tuesday 14th July 2020

• Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Tuesday 20th October 2020