Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as an Effective Adjunctive Treatment in the Neurotherapeutic Treatment of Seizure Disorders

Paul Swingle, PhD

Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, (2010), 2(1), 29-38.


Neurotherapy, including brainwave biofeedback, has been found to be an effective treatment for seizure disorders.

A principal component of this treatment is an increase in the amplitude of the Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) over the sensory motor cortex in the brain. Electroencephalographic (QEEG) assessment of brainwave activity indicated that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) increased SMR amplitude.

The present article reviews the research on the effects of components of the EFT procedure on brainwave functioning that have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of seizure disorders.

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