EFT in the NEWS

Research at Harvard shows that tapping relieves stress, depression and more
Alternative ‘tapping’ therapy could be used by the NHS to treat anxiety and depression
May0018848 Bev Turner doing an EFT course for DT Health...May0018848. Daily Telegraph. Bev Turner doing an EFT course for DT Health. Picture shows Bev Turner attending an EFT course  at Regents College in Regents Park. The students are chanting whilst tapping various parts of their bodies. Standing is trainer Richard Mark. Picture date 28/11/2009
Tapping therapy: curing physical and mental problems – The Telegraph 2014
The Manchester Evening News samples EFT with EFT Expert, Kay Gire-Jones
Entrepreneurs Turning to Tapping as a Success Technique – Huffington Post 2015
A former market stall trader has told how she gave her ice-cream addiction the cold shoulder with EFT
Professor Tony Stewart talking about how EFT tapping therapy helps patients with depression – BBC News
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Michael Ball Demonstrating how he uses EFT for performance anxiety on BBC Breakfast
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EFT for Sports Performance: Major League Baseball player uses tapping to realign his energy system
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The BBC news story of EFT helping to cure a woman’s M.E.
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A first grade teacher shares his initial scepticism about EFT, and how it has transformed his classroom
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