Kay Gire-Jones is renowned for taking EFT to a revolutionary new level...

For over 15 years, Kay consistently delivers superfast results that clients rave about, by uniquely combining EFT with her exceptional intuition.

Kay Gire-Jones
My Mission

My unique approach of Intuitive EFT is designed to get to the heart of your problem, quickly and effectively. Shifting the energy/vibration, allows for the rewiring of your brain and a complete overhaul of your old paradigm.

This complete change of energy signature, gives you the freedom to create a thriving life and attract abundance in every area. I want to see the real you. In the raw, totally exposed, courageously vulnerable, audaciously authentic and immensely powerful, living the life YOU want.

I am Passionate about Intuitive EFT.


For over a decade, I’ve worked on refining my unique skillset and offering whilst being the most authentic me I can be. As one who now teaches this unique and powerful tool, I have come to realise that service to others is a fundamental human act.

From assisting healing in the lives of friends and family, to the many people that I’ve worked with as a therapist, to the hundreds of people who have attended my courses, I am reminded daily that my service in teaching spreads further outward through those I teach.

This knowledge and the confirmation I have from witnessing how the principals of my unique approach of Intuitive EFT, time and time again, produce astounding results, invariably create a sense of honour that I am part of an amazing process.

This has culminated in the work that I specialise in today.

Private Sessions with me

My unique approach of Intuitive EFT has become the main focus of my work. I have been in private practice for more than 15 years. I also work with clients worldwide via ZOOM video conference and by telephone.

Although Intuitive EFT is my major modality, I use it interwoven with a mixture of therapy tools drawing on my training in Psychotherapy and Coaching.

I also add into the mix Mindfulness Meditation Practices, Self Compassion, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Kinesiology and recent findings from Neuroscience which are helping us to understand more about how our brains function.


In the world of EFT, it is clear that those of us who teach this technique have come to do so because of the profound effect it has had in our own lives. I am no exception to this, as my own experience prior to EFT was full of physical and emotional disease, as with so many people today. Through the gift of those who shared this technique with me I gradually found the health, confidence and abundance that are now my life’s experience. EFT has changed my relationships with everyone and everything around me.


Mentoring has been defined as “A working alliance between the mentor and therapist in which the therapist can offer an account or recording of her work; reflect on it; receive feedback and, where appropriate, guidance”. Mentoring is essential for ethical practice within EFT sessions, as well as being fundamental to continued professional development. As a consequence, it is mandatory for EFTi-accredited EFT Practitioners to have mentoring throughout their career.

Credentials & Experience
  • Expert EFT Practitioner & Master Trainer
  • Master EMO(Trance) Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner & Energy Healer
  • Professional Life Coach
  • Creator & Editor of AAMET Life Magazine
  • Personally Recommended by Bestselling Author Gill Edwards in Conscious Medicine

Kay’s Bio

Kay Gire-Jones, internationally renowned Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master Trainer & Expert Practitioner is dedicated to helping distressed individuals live their lives in harmony and balance. She has a style that clients describe as empowering, intuitive, and genuine. Kay has helped countless individuals as she designs her programmes, workshops and products specifically to empower her clients to maximise their true potential and achieve their personal definition of success.

Having studied the psychology of human behaviour, Kay brings a unique wealth of experience – more than fifteen years of experience as a coach, energy therapist, mentor & trainer, author, spiritual teacher and solopreneur – to her work.

Kay’s intuitive nature, innovative skills and transformative life experiences have allowed her to create her own unique brand of personal development. Designed to support a “whole life” perspective, her approach merges spiritual and emotional guidance with practical problem-solving. Her sharp insight and boundless creativity are the fruits of her passion to really want to inspire others and make a genuine difference in their lives. She possesses an innate ability to connect with clients from all walks of life.

As previous head of communications of EFTi/AAMET and former creator & editor of AAMET Life magazine, Kay published the internationally read quarterly magazine as well as her own EFT Introductory Manual.

Kay lives and works in Lancashire with her husband Jay and their American Shorthair cat, Oscar.


  • Accredited EFT Expert Practitioner & Master Trainer – EFTi/EFT International (formerly known as AAMET International)
  • PgDip Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Studies & Skills – University of Derby
  • Certified EFT Trainer – The Guild of Energiests (formerly AMT)
  • Certified EFT Advanced Practitioner – The Guild of Energists
  • Certified Advanced EMO(Trance) Practitioner – The Guild of Energists
  • Professional Certified Coach – European /Rivas Palmer Coaching Foundation
  • Financial Planning Certificate – Chartered Insurance Institut
  • Studied B.Com. – University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Studied B.Pharm. – University of Western Cape; Cape Town, South Africa​


  • EFT International – (formerly known as AAMET International)
  • GoE – The Guild of Energists
  • ICF – International Coaching Federation
  • CII – Chartered Insurance Institute
  • UNIQUE Women in Business
  • European/Rivas Palmer Coaching Foundation

My EFT journey

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1-1 sessions

I believe there is no tool more powerful than these life-changing techniques.

My passion is to share EFT. Not only to existing practitioners and therapists, such as NHS professionals, NLP-ers, hypnotherapists, coaches, counsellors, personal trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, psychotherapists and many other conventional, alternative and complementary therapists, but to all who want to help themselves and those close to them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

If you need more information on this compelling self-help technique and wish to discuss how EFT can help you, please contact me for a chat or a FREE session or attend a course to see this effective technique, first hand.