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EFT Supervision Days.

EFT Supervision Details.

I am an AAMET Accredited Master Trainer & Supervising Mentor offering EFT supervision days that are open to everyone from Level 2. I believe supervision to be a highly important factor in being an effective therapist, and welcome the new AAMET guidelines which stress the importance of supervision and CPD for practitioners from Level 2 onwards.


This is a supervision day for EFT’ers who have attended EFT level 2 and 3 courses. As an EFT Master Trainer and Supervising Mentor, I facilitate all Supervision Days. This course counts toward the supervision requirements of the AAMET.

I offer regular group supervision days and welcome all Level 2 and 3 EFT Practitioners whether or not you have trained with me. These group sessions are affordable, fun, inspiring and educational. I love the energy of passionate people coming together to share and learn and always take lots from each session myself.

Supervision Days are an opportunity to discuss with fellow Practitioners and your Trainer any cases with which you require support (completely confidential), or to celebrate your wins. As well as learning points and improvement of technique as a Practitioner and running your business.

AAMET requires that every member, once certified, undertake annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and Supervision/Mentoring activities. All AAMET Practitioners and Trainers wishing to remain certified members of the association must maintain an active membership with AAMET International and keep up-to-date with these annual requirements.

CPD and Supervision/Mentoring requirements are in place to help Practitioners and Trainers maintain and increase their competence and skill as EFT professionals. Additionally, constructive engagement in these activities, which involve discussion of EFT practice with an experienced AAMET Supervising Mentor, enhances ongoing personal and professional development.

Two requirements must be met before certified membership can be renewed for the coming year:

  1. 6 hours of Supervision/Mentoring with an AAMET Supervising Mentor. These can be either through individual sessions (in-person or via phone or internet), or via live group supervision/mentoring sessions with a group.
  2. 30 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


Under these Guidelines, Practitioners (including Master Trainers and Master Trainers of Trainers) who are seeing clients one-to-one or in groups (or training groups) are required to have an absolute minimum of at least six hours supervision each year, although most professional practising practitioners will want to do more.

The supervision must be formally recorded, together with any attendance certificates and/or receipts as appropriate, and retained as evidence for at least 5 years in case this may be asked for by the EFT Expert, the AAMET and/or the GRCCT.


CPD is not intended as extra work or expense, but simply the normal effort made by conscientious practitioners to develop personally and professionally, and keep up to date. In addition, those who work with others are strongly encouraged to work on clearing their own issues, which may otherwise interfere with their efficacy as a practitioner, and to repeat trainings with other trainers, particularly at Level 3, to develop a wide perspective.

You will need to accumulate a minimum of 30 hours CPD per year.

Examples of CPD include (but are not limited to) the hours spent on:

  • Carrying out ANY personal or professional development activity that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner’s competency, including:
  • Attending or delivering ANY professional training (EFT oriented or otherwise) that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner’s competency
  • Repeating training and/or preparing for further professional accreditation
  • Writing up and reflecting on the Practitioner’s own case studies and/or theory and philosophy of practice
  • Staying up to date with developments in EFT and/or AAMET
  • Reading relevant books and newsletters
  • Regular use of the Personal Peace Procedure and other forms of personal therapy, with or without the help of others
  • Participating in EFT discussion groups or teleconferences
  • Establishing a practice and/or documenting the integration of EFT into an existing practice
  • Carrying out ANY activity that furthers the interests of the EFT community and/or AAMET, including:
  • Taking EFT into the community
  • Developing a specific application of EFT (e.g. for sports or business)
  • Translating EFT material into another language
  • Developing a new EFT product/approach with wide application
  • Carrying out and publishing a relevant research project
  • Writing and publishing or contributing to a relevant book, e-book or newsletter
  • Writing up the achievement of a major life ambition with EFT
  • Moderating EFT or discussion groups or teleconferences etc.

Under these Guidelines, all Certified Practitioners (which includes Levels 2, 3 and AAMET Master  Trainers and Master Trainers of Trainers) are required to commit to and acquire at least 30 hours of CPD per year in order to maintain their listing on the AAMET Practitioner register. In practice, many Practitioners accumulate substantially more than this. The hours should ideally be balanced across several CPD categories, and include a reasonable proportion of relevant professional training (either as attendee or as the Trainer delivering the training) as described above.

All the CPDs gained must be recorded, together with attendance certificates and/or receipts as appropriate, and retained as evidence for at least 5 years in case asked for by Kay Gire, the AAMET and/or the GRCCT (The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies).


  • Share our own latest insights, news and developments with you.
  • Teach a specific topic eg addictions, physical disease, group work.
  • Brainstorm difficult client issues.
  • Work on client or personal issues through role playing.
  • Meet fellow therapists and join the growing EFT Expert community.


The Sanctuary of Healing
Dewhurst Road
Please note that the restaurant is closed Sat/Sun – Please bring your own lunch if training on those days.
Supervision Day times are 10am – 5pm.


Group Supervision Day – £100 (including refreshments)
Investment includes Expert Tuition, Course Manual, Attendance Certificate and Coffee/Tea Refreshments.


One to one: £50 per hour (In person at my practice in Blackburn or via Skype/Zoom/Phone)

If you would like any more information on individual supervision sessions or to book you can call or email me – See contact form at bottom of page.


Please note that Supervision Day bookings are both non-refundable and non-transferable.


While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.

Clinically proven to reduce the levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in your body, EFT provides relief for …

  • PHYSICAL aspects like headaches, backache, painful PMS, morning sickness, side effects from chemo or radiotherapy, or to improve your golf score
  • EMOTIONAL aspects like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, betrayal, fears and phobias, procrastination etc.
  • SPIRITUAL aspects like feeling lost or ungrounded or meandering about life without purpose
  • BELIEFS – changing beliefs that are keeping you stuck e.g. I’m not good enough
  • TRAUMA – releasing old past traumas like car accidents, the loss of a loved one or the sudden diagnoses of a serious disease
  • CHILDREN – helping them be happier and healthier and to overcome the effects of bullying, fear of the dark, bed-wetting and other insecurities

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an amazing ‘tapping tool’ for self-help or a key essential of a therapist’s toolbox

Why Train with Me.

I have been teaching EFT for over a decade. My courses are highly rated for being safe, transformational – and different. Read below how others have experienced it…

Training delegates
Year Started in business
1-1 Private Sessions

What Students Are Saying.

EFT Training Course Q&A.

My courses are designed to teach you both the theory of EFT as well as the practical ways how to use it; most importantly, my EFT courses are structured to allow you enough time to practice the technique in the safety of the training room, with help at hand to guide you when you get stuck.

Because I have been trained to a very high standard, the information is presented in an interactive way that engages you at every level; I don’t do seminars or read off PowerPoint slides.

You can totally expect to leave a lot more confident in your skill to apply EFT Tapping to yourself and others than when you walked in.

You’ll probably also know yourself better, will have identified key areas where you’ve been holding yourself back and clearly see how your past has been affecting your future.

Armed with that knowledge – not to mention your new EFT tapping skills and tapping buddies! – you will know that you absolutely can change; you can be free of whatever has been limiting you, release physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and you can literally tap into more of your potential.

If you already work with people, you’ll leave excited about how you can help them even more with this strange thing called ‘EFT Tapping’!!

These trainings have been designed to meet people from all walks of life, to guide them through the process of understanding and then safely applying EFT.

If you already work with people (as a coach, mentor, doctor, nurse, chiropractor, teacher or any other capacity) then EFT tapping is a perfect complement. If you have no intention of working with people in a professional capacity, you can still add an amazingly simple and powerful way to help yourself through life’s day-to-day challenges and possibly help those close to you like friends and family.

If you haven’t reached your full potential yet (who has?!) then EFT tapping can help you take the next steps towards being more of who you really are, leaving behind backaches, headaches and heartaches and self-imposed limitations.

Yes, for a number of reasons!

You already know how to work with people, and you already know that they pay you to get better. That being the case, why wouldn’t you learn a new skill that’s not only easy to apply to your clients where you think it’s appropriate, but also easy to teach them, to help them take responsibility for their own well-being and healing in between their sessions with you?

My style of teaching (and beauty of EFT) is inclusive; my role is not to make other modalities wrong, but to demonstrate practically how to include EFT in what you may already be doing. Increasingly therapists, medical doctors and other experts have attended these courses and without exception they have incorporated EFT into their lives, if not their practice.

EFT Training requires a specialized skill-set which is different from being a good EFT practitioner. Another way of saying that, is that a good EFT Practitioner does not necessarily make a good EFT Trainer. Here’s how training with me gives you the best of both worlds.

In addition to being masterful at EFT, having run a very successful private practice working with people from all around the world (you can read some of my clients results on this site), I have also learnt how to deliver training in a way that engages all parts of your brain and to deliver the course material in a way that is refreshing, powerful and effective.

I have facilitated, led and co-led numerous training events for over 10 years and have become well known as an engaging, fun and unusual presenter and trainer that creates very safe training environments.

Even though my training manuals contain a lot more than the required curriculum, woven into the material and in the way that I present there is also a lot more than meets the eye, or your expectations. Over many years I have studied in a wide range of other techniques and modalities and because I’ve applied EFT to so many people on such a diverse range of ‘issues’, I’m able to draw on a host of real life examples to demonstrate and teach.

Moreover, participants tell me that they have fun on my courses and feel leaving great about themselves. I agree!

  • To accommodate the AAMET’s stipulation that the EFT Level 1 course must be a 12hr course.
  • To allow you enough time to review and integrate the material
  • To provide more opportunity for you to practice and to see demo’s
  • To avoid this course becoming ‘just another course’, by enabling you to leave the training room confident with your new skill
  • To accommodate the AAMET’s stipulation of overall course hours to maintain the excellent standards of tuition

Students from all around the world consistently comment on the value in having sufficient time to practice the techniques during the training event because it allows you to feel confident to go out and apply the techniques immediately.

There is however another very important reason.

In addition to covering the training syllabus, my EFT training courses have been designed to give you additional personal transformation, to cover all styles of learning, and to make sure the information ‘sticks’.

Instead of this becoming ‘just another course’, by the end of our time together, you’ll be confident in your ability to apply the technique.

Most of my courses are open to everyone who understands English; any additional requirements are noted with the course info here on my site.

If you are not sure if you meet the requirements (maybe you have trained with someone else or you’ve self-studied), contact me and let’s talk.

You’ll receive a highly detailed welcome email when you register for the course, containing

  • what to bring
  • what to expect
  • the training location
  • start and finish times
  • the arrangements around lunch, drinks and snacks.
Yes I do, all my EFT Training courses meet the AAMET requirements toward accreditation.
Yes, I offer EFT supervision as per AAMET’s annual supervision/mentoring and CPD requirement. This is designed to help you continually grow and develop as an EFT practitioner. By keeping your skills sharp, you can better handle complex issues, meet clients where they are, facilitate a safe and ethical EFT process, and maximise your results.

The Venue.


Book Your Course Now.

If you are a Certified Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner (and also for AAMET accreditation) you need to accumulate CPDs and, if you are currently seeing clients, take part in Supervision. My group sessions are affordable, fun, inspiring and educational. I love the energy of passionate people coming together to share and learn, so what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the benefits that this course offers. Courses are intentionally small, and spaces are limited. Book your seat now!

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