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Are you dealing with addictions, traumas, or other major challenges?

Overcome Trauma

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Are you struggling with stressful situations, anxiety, or physical pain?

Relieve Stress

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EFT Therapy!

End Dawdling

Feeling Stuck? You know what to do but you just can't seem to do it?

End Dawdling

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EFT Therapy!

EFT Videos.

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, sharing some of the common applications (and extra-ordinary results) of EFT.

Watch this short video that explains scientifically and at a physiological level why EFT works.

A first grade teacher shares his initial scepticism about EFT, and how it has transformed his classroom.

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EFT was created by

Gary Craig.

EFT Expert, Kay Gire with EFT Founder, Gary Craig

How To Tap.

EFT is a psychological form of acupressure. There are no needles involved in the process. EFT involves tuning into the problem and then tapping on a specific set of acupoints (also known as meridian energy points) and re-balancing the energy.

This diagram shows you the points that we will use to clear all energy disturbances with EFT. The points address all 14 meridians due to the fact that some of the points are located at the intersection of two meridians. Since we are tapping on all meridians when we do EFT, we don’t have to worry about which meridians have the disturbance in them. We are tapping on all of the meridians anyway.

See the tapping points diagram. The names of the points starting at the top of the head and going down the body are:

• top of head • beginning of eyebrow • side of eye • under eye
• under nose • chin • collar bone • under arm • karate chop

EFT is based on the following fundamental premise:

“The cause of all negative emotions and beliefs is a disturbance in our body’s energy system.”

Disturbances in the Body’s Energy System

The energy system referred to above is the same energy system that is used in acupuncture. Acupuncture talks about there being 14 energy pathways in our bodies called energy meridians. All of our negative emotions, like anxiety, hurt, anger, shame and so on, are due to a disturbance in one or more of these energy meridians.

These energy disturbances are linked to memories of painful events. It is not the memory itself that is painful. Rather, when we think of the memory, the associated energy disturbance gets activated, which then causes the negative, painful emotions.

EFT Works by Clearing the Energy Disturbances

EFT works by intentionally activating an energy disturbance by thinking about a painful memory or just feeling your feelings. While the energy disturbance is activated, you tap with your fingertips on a set of 10 easily learned acupuncture points in order to clear out the energy disturbance in the affected meridians.

As the disturbance gets cleared through the tapping, you will experience your negative emotions actually drain away. When the energy disturbance has been completely cleared, your negative emotions will be gone. You can then think about the memory with no painful emotional reaction! Problems in your life that resulted from the original experience will clear up as well.

It’s Important to Stay Focused on the Problem While Tapping

It is essential that the energy disturbance remains activated the whole time you are tapping in order to completely clear it. Therefore, you have to keep your attention focused on the negative feelings while tapping until they are gone. Getting distracted or thinking about two things at once can interfere with EFT working.


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