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“I offer a highly specialised blend of EFT TAPPING THERAPY integrated with MINDFULNESS & COMPASSION that harnesses the power of your mind to give you the freedom and success you are seeking. And I offer FIRST CLASS ACCREDITED EFT TRAINING & MENTORING that fully supports you to achieve your potential.”

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of the new Energy Psychology techniques that have been transforming our understanding of how to create health and well-being, quickly and effectively.
EFT is an amazing tapping tool for self-help or for use in therapy. Once you know how to use it, you have a valuable resource for the rest of your life.

It can help you to put the past behind you, to relish the present, and to face the future knowing you know how to cope with anything life throws at you. And In therapy, it is rewriting the traditional textbooks.

About EFT

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Suitable for Beginners and those with Experience. Suitable for those Who Just Want to Learn EFT as a Self Help Tool and also for those who Want to be a Therapist or Are Already Therapists and Want to Add EFT to their Existing Therapies

Why Learn with Kay
This is the course for people new to EFT or who have learned EFT through reading and watching DVDs and now want to experience working with other people in a group and having the opportunity to watch live demonstrations and to have their questions answered. It is both for people who want to learn EFT to use for themselves and for those who intend to continue with their training to practitioner level. No previous experience either of therapy or of EFT is required to attend a Level 1 training.

Level 2 is the next step towards excellence after attending the Level 1 course. It is a 2-day training which goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into the beginnings of artistry. You will develop your confidence, intuition and creativity with these techniques.

I aim to support you in striving for excellence, through developing your basic skills to a high standard.

My aim in teaching at this level is to develop a community of top level EFT professionals with the skills and personal qualities to have their work make a real impact in the world.

This training is for serious students who are keen to keep learning and growing, personally and professionally; these speciality modules create powerful experiences allowing you to learn very powerful techniques.

AAMET’s annual supervision/mentoring and CPD requirement is designed to help us continually grow and develop as EFT practitioners. By keeping our skills sharp, we can better handle complex issues, meet clients where they are, facilitate a safe and ethical EFT process, and maximise our results.


What Students Are Saying.

EFT Endorsements.

Deepak Chopra MD


Deepak Chopra

"EFT offers great healing benefits."

Candace Pert PhD


Candace Pert

"EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."

Norm Shealy MD


Norm Shealy

"Meridian-based therapies such as EFT...can have effects out of all proportion to their cost and complexity."

Bruce Lipton PhD


Bruce Lipton

"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."

Cheryl Richardson


Cheryl Richardson

"EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century"

Donna Eden


Donna Eden

"EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."

Eric Robins MD


Eric Robins

"I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."

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EFT Gets Results.

EFT is a classified ‘Power Therapy’; a relatively new dynamic that has emerged within the field of psychotherapy. Power Therapies are known by this term because they are reported to work rapidly and efficaciously. EFT involves tapping yourself over your body to release physical and mental ills.


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